Voluntary Benefits for Companies

Cost Effective Solutions for Your Employees

Voluntary benefits provided to companies for their workers offer some very cost effective insurance solutions, and prices that the individual employee could not get on their own. If business owners and managers want to improve employee morale, retention and loyalty, they should seriously consider the options that can be offered to their workers and themselves by a voluntary benefits program AT NO COST TO THE EMPLOYER.

In many cases, the cost of the insurance through these programs is a few dollars a week per person. When employers realize that they can help their employees without spending a cent, they question why they didn’t look into voluntary benefits years earlier.

Charles Maurice works with employers and employees to ensure they get the most effective insurance at the best prices. These include: guaranteed levels of term life insurance (often with the option of additional sums with medical underwriting); short and long-term disability insurance; vision and dental insurance; and for bigger groups, accident insurance and long-term care insurance.

The rising cost of health insurance has forced many companies to simply stop all benefits except health insurance to their employees (and in some cases, they have stopped that too). With the economic problems faced by so many from 2008 onward, many workers were simply happy to keep their jobs. However, as the economy slowly recovers, many companies cannot afford to offer the benefits that they did in the past.

Working with employers and employees alike we help protect the most important people, and voluntary benefits can be a crucial part of that plan.

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