Life Insurance

Protect your family from financial hardship

People buy life insurance to protect their families and loved ones.

Life insurance is one of the major safeguards that people and businesses use to protect themselves and their loved ones against financial risk. Life insurance can stand on its own but, more importantly, it can be integrated into a total protection solution.

Whether term insurance or permanent insurance, we consult with our clients to give them the answers that make sense for their circumstances both now and in the future. The “NOW” looks at today; the “FUTURE” plans for the years ahead – what we should be looking to do- and is designed with maximum flexibility in mind.

If clients only wish to discuss a single need, we are able to help. Our concierge consulting helps our clients look at the entire picture of where they are; what they have; what they are looking to achieve; and then builds custom solutions. While a tailor-made solution could be “a single policy”, the important consideration is that it was not planned in a vacuum, but rather took a holistic approach to the situation.

CMIS is not tied to a single insurance carrier. This allows us to look at multiple companies (usually in excess of a dozen firms) to identify the best solution for our client. Many agents in today’s market, can only offer one insurance company’s products, or do not receive the same level of compensation from all companies – which again makes them “push one company in particular”. CMIS does not have that pressure as we are fully independent.

Our relationship with a range of insurance companies and their underwriters – the people that actually decide if someone or some business is going to be offered insurance – often allows us to get life insurance policies issued when other agents and brokers have been unsuccessful. This includes higher risk situations, as well. We have numerous clients who were denied by one insurance company (usually, because the agent was tied to a specific carrier), but were able to receive coverage by looking at other firms.

Life insurance is a superb planning tool when used properly, and includes everything that is going on at the time. With CMIS’ concierge insurance consulting, you can be assured that you will get the most appropriate coverage for your situation.

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