Disability Insurance

Protect your family from financial hardship

Disability insurance protects people from the loss of their wages after injury or other issues. Should you be injured or suffer from a major medical issue, will your family be okay if you are unable to work and generate money?

A little known fact is that dollar for dollar, disability insurance is the most cost effective form of insurance available. It is also underutilized.

Everyone understands the need for car insurance. Everyone understands the need for house insurance (especially when a mortgage is involved), and on, and on. When you look at the cost of disability insurance and the potential benefit that you can receive (usually through the end of your working life – 65 or 67 years of age), it becomes clear that this form of protection provides the most “bang for your buck”. Car insurance may provide for a total of $100,000 or $300,000 of coverage. House insurance numbers are quite similar. Disability insurance can literally run into the millions of dollars.

Think of this: a 35-year-old earns $75,000 annually. They are permanently injured in an accident and qualify for full disability. Without the correct disability insurance, the person will find the period of their disability very tough economically. With the correct planning and coverage, the person could expect to receive approximately $1.4 million ($45,000 for 32 years).

At CMIS, we look at disability insurance with the same holistic approach as we do with all coverage. We determine what is the correct program for the individual (or corporate group) and then follow the process all the way through until the policy is finalized. We assist in any problem areas that may arise and act as insurance advocates for our clients.

The “sweet spot” for disability insurance is between 25 and 57 years of age. By integrating this form of coverage into the overall risk reduction plan, we help our clients maximize their potential insurance dollar purchasing power.

What many people do not know, is that not all disability insurance policies are the same. Unless you work with an advisor who can look at multiple carriers and their different policies, you may not get the best insurance for your needs.

Disability insurance, when used correctly, can be a very important building block for providing security for workers, their families, and their loved ones. Working with a professional can make a huge difference in ensuring the correct coverage and the correct policy.

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